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Shackles of principle

Shackles is a kind of metal texture is used to bind the prisoner feet make it can't walk fast police prison with instrument, usually consisting of these rings and chains, shackles of principle of what?
Shackles the bondage of main principle has two kinds, one kind is weight, namely the shackles weight is bigger, make prisoners feet due to drag heavy loads and can't walk fast.Flow ring more bulky, chains tend to use very thick long chain, to ensure the shackles weight is bigger.Shackles of this principle is mainly used to convict, such as our country use death-row shackles often USES 18 kg rivet die chains.The shackles of the advantage is durable, binding effect is good, once wear it is hard to escape the prisoner himself, even if a prisoner temporarily escape also due to the short period of time can't open easily.The shackles of prisoners are the main disadvantages of ankle injury is larger, allowing prisoners to commonly use chains to protect the ankle, when lift and for the convenience of the walk, can use handcuffs shackles conjoined bondage or allowing prisoners to use the rope hand chains.The other is a stride length limit, namely by controlling the chains stride length limit prisoners, make its can't walk fast.Western countries ankle bracelets are belong to this type, the widespread use of light weight chain short, often visible wearing shackles trotted to the prisoners, but because the pace is small action or be restricted greatly.The advantage of the shackles is portable, police and prison guard personnel can carry more than vice for arrest, the mobsters who.The shackles of the faults is a bit poor reliability, if the prisoner hidden tools and has certain lock technology may open the shackles and escape on their own.
Shackles as a police prison played a great role, with bound instrument for dangerous prisoners held increase the coefficient of insurance.

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