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The function of the shackles

Shackles as a police prison played a great role, with bound instrument for dangerous prisoners held increase the coefficient of insurance.As many areas all over the world the crime rate rising, the shackles of best quality and the gradually became a kind of important international trade goods.As one of the largest producer of ankle bracelets, in the United States, not only meet the domestic demand of numerous prison, and a large number of exported to foreign countries, to become the world's biggest exporter.But these ankle bracelets many did not enter the judicial use, but by ordinary people.Owing to the shackles is more and more easy to get, in recent years the emergence of sm, uniform bound, metal bondage enthusiast for shackles with growing demand.Shackles goes beyond the original traditional meaning, at the same time as a plaything.China produces the shackles of especially death chains because of it has the advantages of strong, strong, heavy more and more get the favour of fans around the world.Another beautiful and practical design of prison in Taiwan with 3 kg rivet type shackles, small portable the ankle bracelets became lovers new pet.For security reasons, the most popular leather texture of the shackles, filled with a variety of trading platforms.
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