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The unconventional way of using the handcuffs

Yantai as far as industry and trade for you introduce police handcuffs unconventional usage:
1, leg cuffed: right knee kneel to criminals, the left arm pull to it with belt cuffed behind his right arm from its left by the former is outstretched, embraced his left leg, and then the handcuffs on the right, close the insurance.This method is used to more in an emergency.
2, hands and feet even cuffed: the criminal's right hand and left foot chain-gang, applicable to the dangerous situation.
3, even cuffed: the criminal right of handcuffs, then should be even to the object.
Hands and feet even cuffed
4, hold cuff: the criminal right handcuffs on first, make its hold objects (trees, electric drying, fence) after also can be used on the left handcuffs cuff method.
Cuff: 5, cover of police criminal right of handcuffs, close the insurance, then with his left hand and the cuff together, can also be two police criminal hands cuffed respectively.Applicable to a single criminals effectively.
6, oblique BeiKao: also known as "shu qin jian" or "carrying-pole cuffed" will be one of the two hands, one on the shoulder back in the past, the other one from behind his back in the past, and then two handcuffs together.
Oblique BeiKao
7, a team of four horses cuffed: shackles and need, and again after the criminal hands BeiKao shackles (or handcuffed feet) link, applicable to the extreme danger!

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