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Single and double lock

Yantai broad industry &trade co., LTD. Is engaged in the police handcuffs, police shackles, ask chair, police handcuffs manufacturers, suppliers services such as handcuffs, here small make up to you to introduce handcuffs of single and double lock.Modern handcuffs to avoid being easily open, most has the function of double lock.
Handcuffs initial state and free in the state of the single heavy lock, the cuffed ring can be unidirectional rotation, to restrain man's wrist and tight man's wrist.After the handcuffs to hold, can be locked, become the double lock state, handcuffs cannot rotate at this time, will not be clamped tight, also cannot open directly, please cancel locking status, into a single lock, and remove of the single heavy lock, can open it.Under the conditions of double lock, cogged will not move, can avoid being wire tools such as easily pried open handcuffs.

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