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Ring has little knowledge

Yantai broad industry &trade co., LTD. Is engaged in the police handcuffs, police shackles, ask chair, police handcuffs.Now small make up to you to introduce little knowledge about the restraint implements.
Restraint implements is for personal use with dangerous behavior of the criminal's defensive appliances.Disease for the elderly, the disabled and the criminal juvenile delinquents in the general case it is prohibited to use restraint implements, the female prisoners, in addition to the individual circumstances, restraint implements shall not be used.All wear ring with criminals should no longer take part in the labor of the prison.
Must be submitted to the prison for criminals to use restraint implements the approval of the competent leadership, in case of an emergency in particular, can wear ring first, but should go immediately the approval procedures.Criminals wear handcuffs, fetters, in addition to determine executed by the people's court for execution, generally for seven days, the longest must not exceed 15 days.
For criminals to use restraint implements, is mainly applied to prevent criminals do some harm people's behaviour, have the effect of constraints.

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