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       Yantai yuanda safety equipment co., LTD., founded in 1999, engaged in police equipment production for many years, is set research and development, production, sales as one of professional police equipment manufacturing enterprises.The ministry of public security and police equipment standardization technical committee member units, the public security police equipment for enterprises.Company is the production of handcuffs, fetters, telescopic batons, constraints, belt, interrogation chair, ask chair line products such as professional manufacturers.Formula production line of products through the GB/T19001-2008 / ISO9001, 2008 quality system certification, the company that develops by oneself FSSK160 the handcuffs, SK160B plate handcuffs, pull SK160 - B -s double lock the handcuffs pull products obtained three national patents, products meet the NIJO307-01 standard requirements.

       For a long time, our company produces the series products in the national judicial organs and law departments use a lot of equipment, production of handcuffs, shackles are exported to the United States, Egypt, Brazil, Spain, South Korea, and many other countries, with good quality and perfect after-sales service, are well received by the customers at home and abroad, the company always adhere to the "to the quality strives for the survival, to management for efficiency, with science and technology for development" as the enterprise objective, beyond innovation unceasingly, for the realization of the science and technology strong police, promote industry progress, provide more satisfied with the products with good quality and service for our customers。

警用手铐,警用脚镣,询问椅,警用手铐厂家,手铐供应商     警用手铐,警用脚镣,询问椅,警用手铐厂家,手铐供应商     警用手铐,警用脚镣,询问椅,警用手铐厂家,手铐供应商
警用手铐,警用脚镣,询问椅,警用手铐厂家,手铐供应商      警用手铐,警用脚镣,询问椅,警用手铐厂家,手铐供应商     警用手铐,警用脚镣,询问椅,警用手铐厂家,手铐供应商
警用手铐,警用脚镣,询问椅,警用手铐厂家,手铐供应商         警用手铐,警用脚镣,询问椅,警用手铐厂家,手铐供应商
警用手铐,警用脚镣,询问椅,警用手铐厂家,手铐供应商            警用手铐,警用脚镣,询问椅,警用手铐厂家,手铐供应商
警用手铐,警用脚镣,询问椅,警用手铐厂家,手铐供应商          警用手铐,警用脚镣,询问椅,警用手铐厂家,手铐供应商