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The latest police shackles electronic ankle bracelet

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The latest shackles electronic ankle bracelet, with GPS function, effectively deter criminals after prison crime again.What is electronic ankle bracelet?
Electronic Ankle bracelet (Electronic Fetters, Ankle monitor) or Electronic foot ring, is a kind of which has the function of automatic timing back by radio hand or foot ring, the intention is not like the shackles of traditional to limit the freedom of action and behavior prisoners, but make sure the prisoner is still within the distance can be monitored.For electronic ankle bracelet, will have at least one of the central control computer host pick up to check if there is a message back on a regular basis, without emit escapes warnings, some electronic ankle bracelet will back the time of the coordinates.
Ethical analysis of electronic ankle bracelet
China since ancient times have "" at the beginning of the people, goodness.To bring out of prison criminals electronic ankle bracelet, the departure is after his crime.This idea will bring the prisoner: what kind of imagination, to consider, will increase the likelihood of crime again.Even if such a high-tech, but also there will be a loophole."D" is the most effective for them.