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Interrogation chair has a good performance

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Interrogation chair is using stainless steel material, has good performance, use a long time, corrosion resistance, whether it can be used in what kind of environment, and using temperature is not subject to any influence, in cold and hot weather is not affected, the good performance of stainless steel, is not easy to rust, also won't easily deformation, use is very convenient.
Interrogation chair through the anchor plate with bolts on the ground, in part by questioning people sitting on a chair, and then through the counter lock pin locking handcuffs handcuffs your circle in the middle of the chain lock on the counter, if still have shackles, can lock in shackles lock circle, feet move can small amplitude.Shackles lock open pedals and table lock open pedals are below the surface, the back of the chair was questioned staff is unable to gain access to, to ensure its own escape from interrogation in the chair.
Ask chair also known as "interrogation chair", commonly known as the "iron chairs," the ministry of public security, procuratorate have widespread application, its purpose is to prevent the criminal suspect or defendant self-injury, self-harm, escape, investigators's own security.Using interrogation chairs, public security and judicial organs investigators can effectively prevent the criminal suspect or defendant by the arraignment, escort, arraigned, taken in the process of escape or self-injury, and can effectively prevent the investigators may cause harm, reduce the inconvenience in the process of case workers work.