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Related species of handcuffs

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Plate chain cuffed and cuffed
Plate cuffed cuffed and chain is the shape of the two kinds of common handcuffs, the main difference lies in the joint of cuffed ring.Chain cuffed for earlier design, cuff link between with 2 to 3 hoops concatenations, such a design while fettered people's hands, but by the activities of the chain length of the radius is still very long, handcuffed action is still very convenient.
For this reason, floor cuffed gradually began to be used.Because of cuffed ring joint in two or three hoops and even two cuffed ring spacing becomes quite short, could not free to do the wrist rotation, before and after the activity restrictions also therefore become large.
Due to the difference of link iron ring plate cuffed, also known as double chain handcuffs handcuffs (three chain), relative, chain cuff is also known as single handcuffs.
In addition in China use tube cuff, the main difference is that forms a tube of keyhole, unlike plate chain cuffed and cuffed is doing at cuffed ring plane.
Single and double lock
Modern handcuffs to avoid being easily open, most has the function of double lock.
Handcuffs initial state and free in the state of the single heavy lock, the cuffed ring can be unidirectional rotation, to restrain man's wrist and tight man's wrist.
After the handcuffs to hold, can be locked, become the double lock state, handcuffs cannot rotate at this time, will not be clamped tight, also cannot open directly, please cancel locking status, into a single lock, and remove of the single heavy lock, can open it.Under the conditions of double lock, cogged will not move, can avoid being wire tools such as easily pried open handcuffs.
The thumb cuffed and shackles
In addition to restrain the wrist cuffs, common and restrain of thumb thumb cuffed and scuffled with the ankle shackles, and handcuffs different places is the cuffed ring radius and the weight, the weight of the handcuffs generally is about 0.3 kg, and the shackles of the common weight of 1 ~ 3 kilograms.
Plastic handcuffs
When need to bound the number of large, usually unit will have a lot of expensive traditional handcuffs, in order to meet the demands of a lot of use, can use at this time to the plastic handcuffs.Its principle and anecdotal cable ties, the same can be said to be the combination of two cable ties.The difference is that in order to achieve the result of bondage, plastic handcuffs bearing force required by the relatively higher, generally about 100 kilograms, in addition to open necessary with repeated use, plastic handcuffs will provide similar key special tool to open it.
Handcuffs act the role ofing is tasted
Due to the unique modelling of handcuffs, plus the design of the designer, often appear on the bracelet, necklace, bracelet, etc, become a kind of accessories.In Taiwan, for example, a handbag for cuff style to carry design into a chain through.