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Yantai yuanda safety equipment co., LTD., founded in 1999, engagedin police
equipment production for many years, is set research and development,
was bornProduction, sales as one of professional police equipment manufac
turingenterprises.The public security police equipment for enterprises, the mini
stry of public security "p standard committee" Member units, "a member of the
Chinese specialequipment net", the new single police equipment metal
handcuffs research team memberMy company is the production of handcuffs,
fetters, telescopic batons,constraints, with interrogation, interrogation chair,
ingesting chair chair, police
Instruments such as products of professional manufacturers.The police instru
mentsproducts passed GB/T19001-2016 / ISO9000 2015、GB/T24001-2016/ISO




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  • Company address: shandong province yantai muping professional 013 township roads and 207 provincial highway intersection
  • Company telephone: 0535-4214433 4262979
  • General manager: Zheng Fusheng 13791152998
  • Sales manager: Yang Zujun 13506450722
  • Touch: ms song 13863842997
  • E-mail : ytyuanda@163.com
  • qq : 778057951
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